About Amica


For past few years the Amica brand has  had one single goal: to create very functional devices adapted to the evolving demands and needs of consumers. Therefore, Amica products combine innovative technology solutions  money-saving and unique aesthetics.

The desire to produce modern, functional products of the highest quality has been recognized by both consumers and professionals. Amica brand has been awarded with numerous prizes such as  The Most Trusted Brand Award, Red Dot or the title of  Superbrand Created in Poland in 2013.

Quality times million

Quality times <span>million</span>

Appreciated brand

Trust and appreciation from customers is something that makes us highly pleased. The numerous awards are the confirmation of that recognition. Every award is something to be proud of. It is also a source of motivation to keep up the good work by making every new product worth receiving praise and trust. Awards, of course, make us to be on the wing, but they are also a challenge to which Amica is constantly trying to live up, in order not to disappoint customers and their belief that it is a brand that they can always count on.

The number of awards continues to grow, and the opinions of experts are their completion . For every accolades we sincerely thank.

Modern and user-friendly appliances

Amica’s household appliances combine innovative technology, modern design and functionality that is easy to apply.