About us

Amica Trade and Marketing is a company established to coordinate marketing activities and build Amica’s brand value.

In the sphere of our activities we design and carry out a complex processes of marketing research. On this basis we create strategies for the implementation and promotion of our products. We also organize promotional campaigns and undertake various public relations activities.


Over the years, Amica have developed an image of a strong, solid brand respected both in Poland and in the world. This is evidenced by the numerous awards and the trust of Amica’a consumers.



For its customers, Amica constantly develop more and more technologically advanced products, so that the daily household duties have become not only easier but also more pleasant. New Amica’s products introduced on the market are characterized by the highest quality and energy efficiency.



Amica’s products are used in millions of households in Poland and 40 other countries across the world  to cook, bake, cool, wash and clean. Our devices are available in stationary as well as online stores. The success of the brand is also evidenced by the fact that every second cooker sold on the Polish market, is branded by Amica. 

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About us

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